Beam cutting and material optimisation - from Advance Steel to CutLogic 1D

CutLogic 1D from TMachines

Beam cutting and material optimisation - from Advance Steel to CutLogic 1D

Material optimisation has historically been a time consuming and mostly inaccurate necessity in our industry. With a scale rule in one hand and a coloured marker in the other, spreadsheets are often the method of choice for calculating material requirements. It all takes time! MIS systems (management information system) are an alternative as many ship with a beam optimisation option, but MIS is more than that average business requires.

The solution is the easy to use, fast to operate, stand-alone (no expensive underlying management system) beam nesting software from TMachines, CutLogic 1D. Using our dedicated CutLogic 1D report in Autodesk Advance Steel you will be able to export your material list to CutLogic 1D quickly and accurately.

The key features of CutLogic ...

  • Top-class linear cutting optimisation for any case
  • In seconds computes optimised cutting layouts
  • 17 cutting options
  • User can limit stock sizes used in plan, e.g. picking best stock size to order for given parts
  • Cost driven optimization - priority based on material stock costs
  • Graphical display of cutting layouts with touch screen label printing
  • Inventory and tracking of material stocks and remnants (reusable rests)
  • Inventory Assemblies - possibility to define multipart products in an inventory
  • Remnant rate parameter for remnants (over) production control
  • Metric and fractional length formats
  • Security and reliability - making the most of true SQL database (Firebird) for data protection, security, backup, crash recovery etc
  • Wide set of predefined standard report and label templates editable via embedded report designer - editable fields, fonts, functions, barcodes, etc.
  • Export to CSV, TXT, MS Excel, PDF, RTF, HTML, XML, ODT, ODS, RazorGage
  • Import from TXT, CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, clipboard and connection strings (MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, MS SQL Server, etc.)
  • Enhanced data sorting and filtering capabilities for better information outline on the screen
  • OptiRefine - intelligent refinement of optimization, priorities of optimization - waste, work, remnants usage, etc.
  • Available also as ActiveX control Engine Library

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