CAT Ladders/Access

Roof Ladder

CAT Ladders/Access

So what is a CAT ladders? Technically speaking a CAT ladder is actually a hooked roof ladder, however the term is used for describing vertical access ladder systems. Often CAT ladders can incorporate access to multiple floors and may have rest platforms.

Autodesk Advance Steel is more than capable of modelling and detailing different types of CAT ladder and has automated tools included in the software for just that task. Below are just a couple of example of CAT ladders modelled and detailed by AS CAD Services.

CAT LAdder 02

CAT Ladder 01

And an example of a CAT Ladder with rest platforms ...

Warehouse Roof Ladder 01

Warehouse Roof Ladder

General Arrangement

Using Advance Steel we can produce a full BIM ready 3D model, all single part and assembly drawings and General Arrangement drawings bot for approval and site installation. If you already use or are thinking of investing in Advance Steel, we offer Advance Steel training courses with our Autodesk Certified Instructor.